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About WWIFDb

The Idea

Where Was it Filmed Database (WWIFDb) is a user contributed website that tracks movie scene locations. The goal of the company is to make it easy to find out where a specific movie scene was filmed or to explore movie scenes that were filmed at or near a specific location.

The Contributors

WWIFDb encourages all users to contribute. Scenes can be added by anyone who logs in. To make it simple, you can log in using Facebook. Every contributor automatically gets their own page that displays who they are as well as all of the contributions that they have made. Click Here to view all of the current contributors.

As a contributor, you will earn points for adding scenes that get approved or approving other contributors scenes. Initially, you start as a "Novice" and can add scenes. As you earn points, you gain status and additional features (like editing and approving contributions)


We will continually be updating the site with new features. Please feel free to recommend new features or vote on features that others have recommended by going here.

As new movies, new scenes and new site features become available we send out Tweets.

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